-Second Judicial Circuit Probation Officer, Cindy Myers Honored for Distinguished Career

Second Circuit Chief Judge, Melissa A. Morgan is proud to recognize Jefferson County Probation Officer, Cindy Myers for her distinguished career as an Adult Probation Officer with the Second Judicial Circuit. Officer Myers was honored Tuesday, July 5, in Court for her dedication and commitment to the courts in a career that spanned 29 years.

Cindy Myers began her employment with the Second Circuit on May 16, 1993.  Although she initially worked in Franklin County, Ms. Myers accepted a transfer to Jefferson County where she has worked as an Adult Probation Officer.

Illinois Probation Officers are tasked with monitoring offenders on probation; and in doing so, they conduct interviews and assessments, determine appropriate levels of supervision, develop case plans, and monitor compliance with these plans and any other court-ordered terms and conditions.  Probation Officers also make appropriate referrals to service providers, monitor their clients’ residence, employment and other collateral contacts which are necessary to document the clients’ behavior within the community through home visits and community contacts.  They must also be prepared to complete reports for the courts and testify when required.

Chief Judge Morgan recognized Officer Myers saying, “Cindy Myers’ exemplary service to our court system can not be overstated. Her steadfast commitment to protect our communities and her dedication to provide the clients on her caseload with the highest level of professionalism and integrity are just a few of the qualities that distinguish Officer Myers as one of the best in her field.  I have been privileged to work with her over the years and it is my honor to acknowledge her distinguished career.  On behalf of the Second Circuit, I extend our congratulations to her as she now embarks on a new career path in which she will again serve our communities and we wish her continued success.”

Director of Court Services for the Second Circuit, Darla Fitzjerrells also added, “Probation Officer Cindy Myers has been a dedicated employee to the Second Circuit throughout her employment.  She has worked tirelessly for the safety and betterment of the community and the clients she has supervised in Jefferson County.  The Second Circuit Probation and Court Services Department wishes Cindy the best of luck in all her future endeavors.”