Parenting Education Classes

Illinois Supreme Court Rule 924 - Parenting Education Requirement, provides that each circuit or county shall create or approve a parenting education program consisting of at least four hours covering the subjects of visitation and custody and their impact on children.

The Chief Judge of the Second Judicial Circuit has approved the following parent education program providers:  Children First and Family Restoration Program.  Below is a description of services, cost and contact information for the program.

Children First Program

The Children First Program is an educational seminar for divorcing parents. Participants meet in a group of 25 to 30 persons, with a group moderator. Group discussion is facilitated by viewing short videotaped examples of interactions which occur frequently during dissolution proceedings, and which have negative, often hurtful, effects on children. The most important aim of discussion is to focus attention on the feelings of the children involved, rather than on the problems, or feelings, of the parents.

Spouses may not attend the same group. Experience has indicated that this inhibits not only the couple, but others, as well. Also, children are not allowed to attend with either parent.

A scheduling coordinator is available from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Participants can schedule a place in the most convenient group by calling 1.888.805.9787.

Sessions are available in Marion County (618) 533-1391, Clinton County (618) 594-4581 or St Clair County (888) 805-9787.  The cost of the program is $60  per person, which must be paid by a money order or a certified bank check, at the time of the first session, no personal checks or cash will be accepted. Payment is expected at the time a person takes the class. A person is exempted from the fee if his or her income falls below the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines or if they are receiving assistance through Land of Lincoln..

A certificate is given after completion of the program. This certificate should be placed in the case file, so that the Court will know that the spouses have completed the program. A copy can be issued for $10.

An Internet version of the Children First Parenting Education Class is available online at  The cost is $80 (MasterCard, VISA or Discover Card).  The user must obtain approval from their respective judge prior to using this version as an alternative. 

Family Restoration Program

Family Restoration is a class designed to: redefine, realign and redesign the family situation when parents are divorcing. This is an interactive learning experience to assist parents in avoiding common problems encountered with children during the difficult time of divorce.

Redefine: looking at what the new family will be like and the impact it will have on the children who must adjust to many changes in lifestyle.

Realign: consider the thoughts and expectations of your children as they face anxiety and stress of a broken family.

Redesign: developing a new lifestyle that will enable your children to be healthy and happy in their new situation.

In order for spouses to show participation in the Court required seminar, a certificate will be given to show presented upon completion.

Classes will be held on the first, second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM. Also a class will be conducted on the third Saturday at 9:00 AM. A registration fee of $75 per person is payable at the time of class, cash or money order only.

Call to reserve a spot.

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