Richland County Circuit Court Awarded Technology Grant for Second Consecutive Year

Second Circuit Chief Judge Melissa Morgan is proud to announce that Richland County Circuit Court has been awarded a Technology Modernization Grant for the second consecutive year. The grant program, funded by the Illinois Supreme Court and the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, was offered to county court systems in the State for technology upgrades to modernize the delivery of court services. Richland County Circuit Clerk Zach Holder and Richland County Resident Judge Ray Vaughn applied for the grant and were awarded just over $280,000. Circuit Clerk Holder expressed his gratitude for the funding and noted, “The Technology Modernization Grant allowed us to implement technology that would be out of reach for a county of our size.” The grant was approved to fund new technology equipment, including electronic signage and legal self-help stations which consist of computers and printers for public use.

“The Second Circuit as a whole was awarded over $1 million this year and we are extremely grateful to the Administrative Office for this funding,” stated Chief Judge Morgan. “Richland County Circuit Court was awarded over $189,000 last year to make courtroom improvements. This year’s award of $280,000 has allowed them to continue to make necessary upgrades without having to pass those costs on to the people of Richland County. Improving the flow of information is vital to expanding access to justice in our communities. With this new technology, including the electronic signage outside notifying the public about courthouse operations and self-help computer stations inside, Richland County Circuit Court has stepped up to facilitate the efficient exchange of information and valuable resources to the people and communities they serve,” added Chief Judge Morgan.

The Second Judicial Circuit is comprised of twelve counties: Crawford, Edwards, Franklin, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Jefferson, Lawrence, Richland, Wabash, Wayne, and White.


(Pictured Left to Right: Circuit Clerk Zach Holder, Erica Summers, Administrative Assistant to Chief Judge, Second Circuit Chief Judge Melissa Morgan, and Richland County Resident Judge Ray W. Vaughn all stand with the new electronic informational sign.)