Hardin County Court Awarded Technology Grant for Third Year

Second Circuit Chief Judge Melissa Morgan is proud to announce that Hardin County Circuit Court has been awarded a Technology Modernization Grant for the third consecutive year. The grant program, funded by the Illinois Supreme Court and the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, was offered to county court systems in the State for technology upgrades to modernize the delivery of court services.

This year’s grant in the amount of $22,422.12 brings the total awarded to Hardin County over the last three years to $262,214.43. Hardin County Resident Judge Tara Wallace and Circuit Clerk Nancy Pennell sought this year’s funding to purchase a copier for the courtroom, computers for evidence display, and other technology upgrades including new digital signage.

Chief Judge Morgan expressed her gratitude for the grant stating, “My staff and I have enjoyed working with Hardin County to secure this funding. The flow of information to court participants is vital to increasing access to justice and the new signage provides for an efficient exchange of information and resources. Additionally, the new computers will work with the large courtroom monitor purchased with a previous grant and enable the use of digital evidence in court proceedings. Judge Wallace and Circuit Clerk Pennell shared stories with me one day while I was in the courtroom about the chalkboard that has been used for evidence presentation for years. Now, with the benefit of these grants, they have modernized their court. We are extremely grateful to the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts and the Supreme Court for their generous awards.”

Judge Wallace also shared her thoughts stating, “ Hardin County has been able to revolutionize the way hearings and trials are conducted with the monies received from these technology grants. Not only are the technology upgrades beneficial to attorneys and litigants in the courtroom, but also the public outside of the courtroom in that our newest additions, two digital screens in the courthouse, will keep the public apprised of court-related business and other important information. I am very thankful for the assistance we have received from the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, the Supreme Court, and the Second Circuit Chief Judge’s Office on securing the grants.”

The Second Judicial Circuit is comprised of twelve counties: Crawford, Edwards, Franklin, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Jefferson, Lawrence, Richland, Wabash, Wayne, and White.

Pictured left to right: Hardin Circuit Clerk Nancy Pennell and Hardin County Resident Judge Tara Wallace.