-Gallatin County Court Awarded Over $57,000 for Technology Upgrades

Gallatin County Circuit Court has been awarded a technology grant totaling $57,842.90 from the Technology Modernization Funding Program offered by the Illinois Supreme Court and the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts. Gallatin County Resident Judge Thomas Foster and Circuit Clerk Brittney Capeheart sought the funding made available to county courts throughout Illinois by obtaining bids for equipment upgrades and drafting the grant proposal.

The award will fund various technology upgrades, including a new projector, computers, and monitors to improve the ability to view and understand evidence presented in the courtroom. The installation of new wiring to enhance and sustain internet connections, as well as, new audio equipment in the courtroom, such as speakers and microphones are additional enhancements made possible by the grant. Many of these upgrades may also be utilized by the Court when conducting hearings electronically via Zoom video conferencing. The Circuit Clerk’s office will benefit from a new server, software updates, and computer equipment.

Second Circuit Chief Judge Melissa Morgan stressed the importance of this award stating, “Judge Thomas Foster and Circuit Clerk Capeheart recognized the need to update the equipment and technology they depend on daily to deliver court services. By seeking this funding and securing this award, they now have the means to make these upgrades without passing on these costs to the people of Gallatin County. With the changing times, it is vital to stay abreast of new technology, especially advancements that improve the delivery of court services and aid in the administration of justice. I am grateful to the Supreme Court and the Administrative Office for recognizing the needs of our courts here in the Second Circuit, and I am happy that I was able to assist Gallatin County in this process.”